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We are a young team that work on the Fund Center platform. Although we trying to improve our goal with getting fund, now you could create your project on this platform.

Who is Fund Center

Fund Center is one of those platforms that gives you space to work with people who know you, love you, and support you.This Center is a financial project under Human Rights Support Center (HRSC) organisation. Via this project you can access to a powerful platform and create a humanitarian and projects for a developing society. 

Our goal:   

Fund Center goal is to help social activists, authors,developers,journalists,creative persons and organizations to change the society and human right situations (better place to live)via fundraising and crowdfunding. Fund Center supports creative projects and ideas.

About Human Rights Support Center (HRSC)

HRSC is a non-profit organization based in Norway. HRSC was established by Human Rights activist and lawyer Mohammad Mostafaei in 2012. Since then HRSC has executed many successfully projects such as “Virtual Law School”, “Campaign Against Death Penalty”, “National and international tolerance forum and etc. 


Mohammad Mostafaei (born 1974) is the HRSC’s director. He has worked as a lawyer since 2000 in Iran. During his career, he became involved in hundreds of different civil and criminal cases and was recognized both nationally and internationally. He has been General Secretary of Human Rights Committee at the Iran bar association since 2004 to 2019. During his career, many news agencies have been written about his work, including the BBC, CNN, The Guardian and The Times. He has worked successfully on many campaigns and cases and could get international attention. His work on the human rights issues would not be accepted of Iranian regime and brought him into conflict with the regime, so he had to escape the country. In Norway he carried out several major human rights projects through HRSC such as “Virtual Law School”, “Campaign against the Death Penalty”, “National and International Tolerance Forum”, etc. Norwegian PEN organization awarded the Ossietzky Prize for outstanding efforts for freedom of expression, to Mostafaei. He has received also awards from Rome’s Mayor in Italy and Spanish Bar Association in 2011 – 2012. In 2017 he wrote the book “In Shadow of Sharia” in collaboration with Norwegian writer and journalist Odd Myklebust.

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